Ajedi-Ka/Projet Enfants
Working to Rehabilitate
Child Soldiers in the DRC

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New and Events
Security Council Debates Children in Armed Conflict
Bukeni Beck (right), representative of the Watchlist
on Children and Armed Conflict, addresses the
Security Council meeting on children in armed conflict
at UN Headquarters in New York. During the meeting,
Special Representative of the Secretary-General for
Children and Armed Conflict Radhika Coomaraswamy
urged Member States to step up its efforts to protect
children by acting against their violators.
Seminar trainers (top left) and participants (top right, central and bottom
group picture)
Awaiting Tomorrow was screened at the Open Society Institute as part of
their program on Sexual Health and Rights, on July 20th 2006 in New York,
NY. More than 60 people attended this event.

Awaiting Tomorrow, the latest video co-produced with Witness and
documenting the tragic impact of HIV/AIDS in the DRC and on former child
soldiers had its premier screening on June 1, 2006 at the United Nations
Headquarters in New York, sponsored by the Permanent Mission of
Lichtenstein to the UN.

A Duty to Protect and On the Frontlines were screened at the International
Conference on the Rights of Children in Ghent (Belgium),
May 18-19, 2006;
Bukeni will be presenting the two documentary videos

24 – 26 February 2006, AJEDI-Ka/PES welcomed in Uvira, Mr.
Matthew Emry from New York, USA, from
American Jewish World
Service (AJWS)
. With the AJEDI-Ka/PES staff, Emry traveled around
villages and met with demobilized child soldiers (boys and girls) and the
community members.
On the Frontlines (Soldats Malgre Eux: Enfants Soldats en R.D.C.) was
screened at the film festival, Festival International du Films sur les Droits
Humains, held in Rabat, Morocco from 15-21 November, 2006. For more
information, click

Ajedi-Ka/PES Executive Director Bukeni T. Waruzi Beck addressed the
United Nations Security Council on July 24, 2006, at the UN Headquarters in
New York, during the
Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict (for
link to full speech click

On January 21, 2007 the Deacons of Scarborough Presbyterian Church hosted
a Mid Winter Gala at their church in Scarborough, New York to benefit three
children's organizations including Ajedi-Ka/PES.  The evening included
champagne, hors d'oeuvre, sumptuous dessert bar, live music as well as live
and silent auctions. It was a memorable evening of fellowship in support of
children in need. Our heartfelt thanks go to the Deacons and the Church.

             Pia Chaudhari, US Contact for Ajedi-Ka, describes                       
the work of Ajedi-Ka to fundraiser attendees

SPC Interim Minister Rev. Dae Eun Jung and
Deacon's Benefit Chair Karin Chaudhari
From 1-3 February 2007, Ajedi-Ka/PES organized a Leadership and
Empowerment seminar for former girl soldiers and other women victims of
sexual violence, at Hotel Mangwa in Uvira. In total, 25 women from villages
of Uvira and Fizi territories attended the seminar. Of these women 15 were
former girl soldiers, 5 victims of sexual violence, and 5 from our VCCP.
The seminar was generously funded by the Open Society Institute (OSI) of
New York. After the seminar, these women will undertake activities in
Leadership and Advocacy in their own communities.
(For final report in French clich

On February 24, 2008 Kids for a Better Future met with Bukeni to present
Ajedi-Ka with a gift and to learn more about child soldiers in the DRC. Our
sincere thanks and appreciation go to Akash Mehta and
Kids for a Better

The children present Bukeni with their gift to Ajedi-Ka
From March 17-31, 2008 Ajedi-ka attended a training on video advocacy in
Bujumbura, Burundi at l'Hotel de l'Amitie. Six staff attended the training which
was conducted by Pierre de Potestad (Paris, France) and Bukeni Beck.
This training was led by Witness, and was the last joint training before
Ajedi-Ka and Witness will end their partnership this year. Ajedi-Ka and
Witness have been in partnership since 2004.
Three videos have been produced

In September 2008, Ajedi-Ka and Witness held an advocacy event on
HIV/AIDS at the Ministry of Health in Kinshasa. The event was funded in
part by the
American Jewish World Service

Senegalese musician Youssou Nd'our with the Minister of Health, Neuilly from Ajedi-Ka,
and Bukeni, representing Witness (right to left).



                                                                          Screening of
Awaiting Tomorrow            
                                                                                  with key NGOs working on                
                                                                                       HIV/AIDS in Kinshasa          


Mauwa, from Awaiting Tomorrow, with
another HIV patient (above), and her
four year old son (right)
L’Association des Jeunes pour le Développement Intégré Kalundu (AJEDI-
Ka) a organisé un séminaire en Surveillance et Ducumentation des droits de l’
enfant en faveur des CVPE et du Staff d’AJEDI-KA. Ce séminaire a eu lieu à
Uvira dans l’enceinte de l’hôtel Mangwa du 29 Octobre au 08 Novembre
2008. Pour plusiers information, voyez

Ajedi-Ka organized a seminar on Surveillance and Documenation of the rights
of children for members of the CVPE and staff of Ajedi-Ka. This seminar
took place in Uvira at the hotel Mangwa from October 29-November 8, 2008.  
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Pendant deux jours d’intenses travaux, soit du 30/04 au 01/05/2009, la
Coalition d’Uvira et de Fizi pour la CPI était à l’honneur de recevoir Madame
Annie Rashidi Mulumba, Officier de liaison pour les pays en situation devant
la CPI à la Coalition Internationale pour la CPI. For more information on the
visit of Madame Annie Rashidi Mulumba, please click on the photo below.
Pour plusiers information sur la visite, cliquez sur le photo.