Ajedi-Ka/Projet Enfants
Working to Rehabilitate
Child Soldiers in the DRC

Awaiting Tomorrow
June 2006

A Duty to Protect: Justice for Child Soldiers in the D.R.C.
April 2005

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On the Frontlines: Child Soldiers in the D.R.C.
December 2004

AJEDI-Ka's first video entitled
On The Frontlines, seeks to sensitize local
communities about the dangers of allowing their children to serve as
combatants, thus discouraging the voluntary recruitment of children.  The
video has been screened to over five thousand people in the DRC and

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Film Production
Awaiting Tomorrow highlights the issues of persons    
living with HIV/AIDS in the DRC. Through the
personal stories of two women and one young man, the
film explores the human effects of HIV/AIDS when
conflict and regional instability are added into the
equation. Persons living with HIV/AIDS in the DRC
face stigma, inadequate nutrition stemming from
poverty, and lack of access to, and availability of,
appropriate medical treatment. The video calls for
critical assistance to those already living with
HIV/AIDS, while documenting the need to stem the
spread of the pandemic by strengthening outreach,
testing, and prevention.
Through the voices of child soldiers, A Duty to
explores the complexity of the war, the issues
confronted by girl soldiers including rape and sexual
exploitation, and the importance of the International
Criminal Court in ending the rampant impunity
reigning in Eastern DRC. The video gives specific
recommendations to strengthen the work of the ICC
and calls for the international community’s
engagement to stop the recruitment and use of child