Ajedi-Ka/Projet Enfants
Working to Rehabilitate
Child Soldiers in the DRC
Some of our staff at the OSI sponsored seminar, Feb 2007

Ajedi-Ka was founded in 1988 and was comprised of three key project areas:
poverty alleviation, the environment, and child soldiers.  Following the 1998
war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the organization decided to focus
its attention on child soldiers, thus creating AJEDI-Ka/PES (Child Soldier
Project/Projet Enfants Soldats) that same year.

The widespread recruitment of children into armed forces in the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC) is unparalleled throughout Africa. Tens of
thousands of child soldiers have been recruited as combatants by all parties to
the conflict, which has been termed Africa's world war by observers given the
widespread involvement of both continental and international actors. The
International Criminal Court plans to investigate gross human rights violations
in the northeastern part of the DRC as one of its first cases.  The use and
recruitment of child soldiers is a war crime under the Rome Statute of the
International Criminal Court.  

AJEDI-Ka/PES seeks to promote and protect the rights of the child with a
particular focus on children affected by armed conflict and child soldiers. The
organization demobilizes and reintegrates girl and boy soldiers and maintains
long term follow up on the welfare of these children.  At present,
AJEDI-Ka/PES is also working to launch several initiatives to combat the
spread of HIV/AIDS amongst child soldiers and former combatants through
awareness raising, testing and assistance to those affected.
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Bukeni T. Waruzi Beck
Executive Director

Bishana Assumani
Supervisor, Village Committees for Child Protection (North)

Djungo Kahindo
Supervisor, Village Committes for Child Protection (Central and South)

Byomboka Mukungilwa Desire
Communications and Media Relations Officer

Kalala Karumba A'aron
Reintegration and Prevention of Child Recruitment Officer

Matumaini MaFille (former girl soldier)
Advisor, Reintegration and Prevention of the Recruitment of Child

Ndambara Shabani Jean Pierre
Administration Officer

Apendeki Nelly
Programs Officer

Masenge Nicholas
Monitoring and Reporting Officer

Shukurani Saidi
Logistics, Procurement and Maintenance Officer

Niganga Bianga Vinny
Finance and Accounting Officer

Busime Maliyako

Pia Chaudhari
US Contact/Website Inquiries