Ajedi-Ka/Projet Enfants
Working to Rehabilitate
Child Soldiers in the DRC
There are several ways you can support our work.  Please browse below for


At present we are seeking local volunteers in the DRC to help with media
outreach and communication. We will also consider overseas volunteers who
are willing to come and work with us for a period of several months. For
further information, please email us directly at


The problem of the children impacted by armed conflict is a large one and
needs to be addressed by the international community. Consider holding a
fundraiser within your community, or an awareness raising function. Contact
us for further ideas and we will work with you to raise awareness and


We are a small local organization made up of volunteer staff. Donations are
critical to our work, and we gratefully apply any and all amounts to the
support of the children we work with. Please contact us for further
information on how and where we will apply any funds you contribute. We
will also send pictures and information on the children whose lives you
impact with your contribution.

For overseas direct transfers:

Account Name: AJEDI-Ka
Name of the bank: InterBank Burundi
Account number: 701-39289-01-36
Swift code: IBB U BI BI
Adress of the bank: 15, Rue de l'Industrie, P.O. Box 2970,
Bujumbura, Burundi
Tel: +257 22 22 06 29
Fax: +257 22 22 04 61
Telex: +257 22 00 51 93

We also gladly accept in kind donations of clothing, computers, or other
necessary items.

For any questions, please contact us at
info@ajedika.org, or feel free to call
at +1-847-208-9740 between 9am-5pm EST.
How to Help